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Meet the Valhalla Wood Forge Team

Valhalla Wood Forge is owned and operated by veterans of the military and first responder communities. Founded in 2017 after James, a Coast Guard Veteran & Reservist, was working as a police officer and made a wooden flag to donate to the Police Department. The department posted a photo of the flag to Facebook, and soon other police officers, firefighters, and veterans were requesting flags of their own and Valhalla Wood Forge was born. In 2018, James began designing his own custom, high quality and unique wedding rings, after the ring he purchased in 2017 broke after only 9 months of wear. In 2018, James was joined by his wife Nicole, a talented woodworker herself, and in 2019 by Alex, a...

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How to make The Leviathan: Damascus, Whiskey Barrel & Meteorite Ring

In this video, we show you how we make The Leviathan, a ring made from Damascus steel, whiskey barrel and dual rows of meteorite from the Campo del Cielo meteorite. This ring was a special order for Micah, who previously worked with our founder, James. For ring mandrels and boring bars, check out Instagram Facebook

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