Meet the Valhalla Wood Forge team

Valhalla Wood Forge is owned and operated by veterans of the military and first responder communities. Founded in 2017 after James, a Coast Guard Veteran & Reservist, was working as a police officer and made a wooden flag to donate to the Police Department. The department posted a photo of the flag to Facebook, and soon other police officers, firefighters, and veterans were requesting flags of their own and Valhalla Wood Forge was born. In 2018, James began designing his own custom, high quality and unique wedding rings, after the ring he purchased in 2017 broke after only 9 months of wear.

In 2018, James was joined by his wife Nicole, a talented woodworker herself, and in 2019 by Alex, a full time law enforcement officer with both woodworking and sales experience. Alex also has experience as both a firefighter and in EMS.

The team at Valhalla Wood Forge continues to create and build by hand beautiful décor, jewelry, and furniture in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We have expanded our team, hiring on two law enforcement officers and a USMC veteran as part time makers with us.  

The mission of Valhalla Wood Forge is to make beautiful, unique pieces that will not only be a conversation starter, but a piece that tells the unique story of our customers.


The founder and CEO of Valhalla Wood Forge, James is our chief ring designer and artist of the badges and emblems that end up on your flags, and is our social media manager. James is a US Coast Guard Veteran and Reservist, former full time and now part time law enforcement officer, and serves on several volunteer boards and committees. 
Our co-founder, Nicole is our Marketing Director and Chief Philanthropy Officer. She also is an expert Cricut master, maker, and handles the majority of our shipping and receiving. Nicole has a background in the non-profit sector, and currently serves on the board of a shelter for families experiencing homelessness. 



Coming on board in 2019, Alex is our Chief Operating Officer, Sales Manager, and head flag maker. Alex has a background in sales, law enforcement, and EMS, and currently serves as a municipal Police Officer.