Flag & Woodworks FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for our Flags and other Woodworks

How are your flags made?
Our flags are made by hand. We cut each board to size, then hand char the tops to bring out the grain utilizing propane torches in a manner similar to the woodworking technique shou sugi ban, an ancient japanese technique to preserve wood through charring. Afterwards, the boards are painted or stained, and then hand assembled into a flag. Finally, the stars are carved by a CNC machine, or in case of a machine failure, by hand with a dremel. If the flag has a custom design, such as a badge or name, that will be carved using a CNC router.

How long does it take to receive my flag?
Our flags are handmade by an extremely small staff, so times may vary. We strive to get our flags out within 6 weeks, but can be up to 14 weeks during heavy order times, especially if the flag needs to have custom work done. If you have a specific date you need a flag by, please email us at hello@valhallawoodforge.com to discuss if that's feasible.   

I have a detailed image or emblem that I would like to have engraved into the flag but it's pretty complex.  Can I send the image for your review prior to placing an order?
Absolutely! We love a good challenge but we also want to ensure we complete a quality flag. Send us an email with the image attached to hello@valhallawoodforge.com and we will typically respond within one business day to discuss specifics. 

I want an extremely detailed, perfect image or emblem on my flag.
We use a CNC router to carve into our flags, which is not as exact as a laser engraver. We also finish the flags by hand. Our flags are rustic, meaning they are not perfectly squared, so images may not be perfect. That's part of the charm of a rustic flag! 

Are your flags squared off and perfect? 
Our flags are "rustic," made in a simple, farmhouse style. While we strive for extreme quality, our flags are not perfect nor always square. This is part of the charm of our flags and something our customers have raved about, often returning again and again for more flags. 

What if I'm unhappy with my flag?
For regular flags, we can accept returns within 14 days of receiving the flag for defect or other issues. Simply send the flag back to us and we can fix whatever issue there is. Please reach out at hello@valhallawoodforge.com and we can discuss specifics.